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Workplace Practice Cert II

Be creative with your Career..

Workplace Practice will assist people to acquire the knowledge, capacities and insights regarding workplace culture and practices to maximise their access to, and successful participation in, the workforce.

The students will use job search methods to identify and evaluate employment opportunities in both the 'open' and 'hidden' job markets.

They will practise applying and interviewing for suitable positions and develop a general understanding of both their rights and responsibilities as employees.

Students will also learn about meeting workplace standards for personal presentation, professional behaviour and performance and communication and interpersonal skills to interact effectively with all people in the workplace

Students will learn skills such as: 

  • Working effectively as part of a team
  • Managing their own work and work performance to meet industry standards while under limited supervision
  • Being 'open' to constructive criticism as part of a desire and capacity to learn and to improve the effectiveness of their work     performance.
  • As such, the knowledge and skills acquired comprise generic employability skills identified by employers as essential
  • Requirements needed to work as a valued and productive member of an organisation, enterprise or business.

  • One of the units in Certificate II in Workplace Practices is about being enterprising.
    The afternoons will focus on how to be enterprising. Choosing an activity creating a budget and planning how to create a small enterprise like a cake stall, car wash, lawn mowing or whatever you might like to do.
    The afternoon sessions are designed so the students can reflect on what was covered in the morning sessions and an opportunity to put these skills into practice.

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